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Asset management for you for over 40 years!

Here, investment is solid craftsmanship: For more than 40 years, Dr. Kohlhase Vermögensverwaltung has stood for conservative and successful investment. To this day, the company is managed by its founder Detlef Kohlhase and his son Michael Kohlhase. Its clients include private investors as well as institutions and foundations.

NESTOR Australia - the Down-Under-Investment

NESTOR Australia is the investment in one of the healthiest economies in the world....NESTOR Australien

DKO-Renten Spezial - our corporate bond fund

DKO-Renten Spezial is our main product in the interest-bearing area...DKO-Renten Sepzial

DKO-Aktien Global (DF) - our equity fund of funds

DKO-Aktien Global (DF) (ISIN LU0138410633) is a fund of funds investing worldwide, primarily in equities and equity funds...DKO fund global

Our offer

Wealth management

Our wealth management offering is aimed at private and institutional investors. Our fundamental strategy, based on long years of experience, has a conservative orientation. This means our weightings in equities are generally low, at around 25%.

asset management

DKO funds

We have had our own funds concept since the mid-1980s. The desire to enjoy the benefits of investment funds and be able to cover particular investment segments or themes with clear and transparent fund building blocks led us to create our own family of funds.


NESTOR funds

The NESTOR funds cover a broad spectrum of special segments in the equity sector.


Our Awards