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Investment strategy

NESTOR China invests mainly in companies which have their main office or business focus in China and/or Hong Kong. Fund managers Florian Weidinger and Thiam Kon Lim both live in Singapore and pursue a thematic investment strategy, regardless of the overall market environment. The focus is on long-term investment opportunities, mainly in mid-cap companies. Amongst other things, these cater to the rising demand for higher-value foods. Consumer goods, capital goods related to infrastructure in the growing major cities and the development of the New Silk Road are also themes. The fund managers concentrate on companies’ valuation and corporate governance, visit them in person and conduct interviews with other investors. 20% of Fund assets may also be invested in securities from countries other than China and Hong Kong. Securities are only purchased if they are listed on an exchange or another regulated market that is recognised, open to the public and operates in an orderly manner. The risk/return profile is based on a long-term horizon.

The NESTOR China fund is available as unit class -B- and unit class -V-.

The NESTOR China fund was liquidated on 30 October 2020

The investment policy and fund management of the individual sub-funds remain unchanged. Change of…

Unit class V: The liquidation proceeds as at 30 October 2020 amount to EUR 635.1375 per unit and…

Fund information

 Launch dateISINWKNBloombergCountry of Registration
unit class -B-01.08.2011LU0656651824A1JDK8NESCHNB LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria
unit class -V-01.07.2016LU1433073951A2ALWMNESCHNV LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria


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