NESTOR Eastern Europe

Investment strategy

The NESTOR Eastern Europe fund invests mainly in equities and equity certificates issued by companies that are headquartered or have their main business activity in eastern Europe. Fund Manager Peter Elek looks particularly closely at stocks in Russia.

Reasons for doing so include the sustained favourable economic developments in Russia, the profound political changes it is undergoing as it draws nearer to the West, and the country’s enormous wealth in terms of fossil energy sources, which is of vital importance to Europe. This is reflected in the sector breakdown, which has a strong focus on fuel sources, utilities and energy.

Countries such as Poland, Turkey and Hungary are also represented. The fund offers investors the ability to gain exposure to one of the world’s major growth regions.

The NESTOR Eastern Europe fund is available as unit class -B- and unit class -V-.

The sub-fund NESTOR Osteuropa with the unit classes NESTOR Osteuropa -B- (ISIN LU0108457267) and NESTOR Osteuropa -V- (ISIN LU1433074413) was put into liquidation as of April 14, 2023.

Fund manager

Since 1th July 2016, Péter Elek is managing the NESTOR Eastern Europe. He has more than 18 years of experience in the international finance markets. Elek ist Co-Founder and Investment Officer of Dialóg Investment Management Ltd. in Budapest and is managing funds for more than 15 years.

Péter Elek is born in Hungary where he studied Economic Policy at the „Budapest University of Economics“. He holds a Master of Science. After his degree, Péter also became entitled for a Brokerage Licence and passed a special exam on Option Trading.

Péter Elek started his career back in 1997 as an Analyst and Trader at General Banking Trust Ltd.. He is managing Equity-Funds since 2001, he has been focused on Central European and Eastern European equities for more than 12 years now. Back in 2007, Péter Elek established Dialóg Investment Management Ltd. together with two partners; they are managing eight further Equity-Funds at present.

Péter Elek –
Péter Elek

Fund news


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Fund information

  Launch date ISIN WKN Bloomberg Country of Registration
unit class -B- 21.02.2000 LU0108457267 930905 NESOSTF LX Luxembourg, Germany, Austria
unit class -V- 01.07.2016 LU1433074413 A2ALWR NESOSTV LX Luxembourg, Germany, Austria


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