NESTOR Eastern Europe - suspension of share transactions

Due to the current situation and in the interest of the investors, the calculation of the unit value as well as the issue and redemption of units of NESTOR Osteuropa -B- (ISIN LU0108457267) and NESTOR Osteuropa -V- (ISIN LU1433074413) will be suspended until further notice.

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Notice to Investors of the Fund

NESTOR Fund (Umbrella)

with the sub-fund

NESTOR Eastern Europe Fund
Unit Class B (LU0108457267 / WKN 930905)
Unit Class V (LU1433074413 / WKN A2ALWR)

Investors in the Luxembourg umbrella investment fund (fonds commun de placement à compartiments multiples) NESTOR Fonds (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund") with its above-mentioned sub-fund NESTOR Osteuropa Fonds (hereinafter referred to as the "Sub-Fund") are hereby informed that the Management Company LRI Invest S.A. has decided the following with immediate effect.

For reasons of investor protection and in accordance with Article 8 of the Fund's Management Regulations, it has been decided that the calculations of unit values for the Sub-Fund will be discontinued as of the closing date 28 February 2022 until further notice.

The sub-fund's assets are invested to a considerable extent in various assets (companies/issuers in Russia) for which there is considerable uncertainty among market participants and trading and the settlement of transactions is not possible or only possible to a limited extent, so that a threat to investor protection cannot be ruled out.

In the view of the Management Company LRI Invest S.A., a proper calculation of the actual unit values of the sub-fund can therefore only be carried out once trading and the settlement of transactions are possible again.

This decision means that subscriptions, conversions or redemptions in the sub-fund will no longer be possible as of 1 March 2022 until further notice. Existing applications for subscriptions, conversions or redemptions received after the Cut-Off Time on 25 February 2022 will be rejected.

Investors will be informed in due course about the resumption of unit certificate trading and the official price calculation of the sub-fund.

Munsbach, 1 March 2022

LRI Invest S.A.