Company profile - Who we are

Dr. Kohlhase Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is an independent wealth management firm headquartered in Munich. The company was founded by Dr. Detlef Kohlhase in 1980 and is dealing with wealth management and investment funds. It also coordinates the distribution and marketing activities for its own funds.

As a family-owned company, the focus is on liquid assets with a conservative investment approach. The overriding investment objective is long-term capital preservation and growth. The product range is suitable for private and institutional investors.

The company places particular importance on fixed-income investments, an area where we have an established reputation.

Another field of activity is the sales and marketing activities for the NESTOR funds. The aim, since the outset, has been to launch specialist equity funds in sectors with high potential that may have been neglected by large providers. These funds are mainly run by external managers and advisers with in-depth specialist knowledge in the areas concerned.