Overview DKO-funds - small and fine

We have had our own funds concept since the mid-1980s. The desire to enjoy the benefits of investment funds and be able to cover particular investment segments or themes with clear and transparent fund building blocks led us to create our own family of funds.

The DKO-Fonds product family includes one equity funds, three bond funds and one balanced fund.

All our products are based on an outstanding investment concept that has been refined over the years. It has two major characteristics:

Over 30 years of experience in the capital markets plus an approach combining absolute independence and maximum flexibility.

The equity funds are a way to participate in the performance of blue chips in North America, Europe and Germany. The bond funds exploit the possibilities offered by fixed-income securities denominated in euros or US dollars. The highest priority is given to issuer quality and, for corporate and hybrid issues in particular, to liquidity and a high level of diversification.

The DKO-Optima fund lies at the core of our product range. It actively combines the concepts mentioned above to invest in equities and bonds, with an emphasis on the conservative approach, making it a classic one-stop wealth management solution.


Interested in our funds? You can buy DKO funds through a large number of banks, savings banks and fund platforms. We will be happy to help if you have any questions.

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