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NESTOR Australia

Investment strategy

The NESTOR Australia fund invests in equities of companies that are headquartered or have their main business activity in Australia or New Zealand. The focus is on small and midcaps and overweighting the commodity sector.

Fund manager Wilhelm Schröder has nearly 30 years of experience in the Australian equity market and has a reputation for following less well-known companies. The focus is on value stocks, i.e. companies with a low price/earnings ratio, strong free cash flow and an attractive dividend yield.

The NESTOR Australia fund is available as unit class -B- and unit class -V-.

Fund manager

Wilhelm Schröder has been accompanying the NESTOR Australia since its inception in May 2002. He has more than 30 years of experience in equities from Down Under.
Born in Lüneburg, he studied agricultural sciences in Göttingen and München. In 1986 he embarked on his career with various positions at the London brokerage house Jackson's Ltd. and Kleinwort's. Wilhelm Schröder joined Australia's largest investment bank – Macquarie Bank in 1989. More recently, Schröder was head of their representative office in München before setting up his own company, Schröder Equities GmbH, in 2005. Together with an Australian partner he provides advice to institutional investors about their investment decisions in Australia; he also advises Australian companies aiming to access the German-speaking capital market.idungen in Australien sowie australische Unternehmen bei deren Zugang zum deutschsprachigen Kapitalmarkt.

Fund News

Nestor Australia finished the final quarter of 2022 with a small gain of 1.04%, underperforming the…

With effect from 1 November 2022, the performance fee wording relating to the NESTOR Australia,…

Fund information

 Launch dateISINWKNBloombergCountry of Registration
unit class -B-21.05.2002LU0147784119570769NESAUSB LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria
unit class -V-01.07.2016LU1433073951A2ALWLNESAUSV LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria


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