DKO funds - Information material on our funds

Here you can download information material on the DKO-funds such as monthly reports, key investor information, sales prospectus as well as half-yearly and annual reports.

If you require historical reports, please contact us.

Sorry, most of our information material is only available in German language. If you are interested in a special document, please try the German versions below or give us a notice, so we can provide you with a translated version if available.


                                                        MR PRIIP OM AR HR
Bond funds          
DKO-Renten Spezial m t3://file?uid=221067s s s s
DKO-Renten Hybrid m s s s s
DKO-Renten USD m s s s s
DKO-Renten EUR m s s s s
Balanced funds          
DKO-Optima m s s s s
Equity funds          
DKO-Aktien Global (DF) m s s s s
DKO-Fonds m   s s s

Legend: MR = factsheet, PRIIP = basic information sheet, OM = sales prospectus, AR = annual report, HR = report by halfyear

DKO funds - EMT files

Below we provide the EMT version 3.0 files of the DKO funds:

DKO-/NESTOR-Fonds - EMT 30 15.04.2021.csv
DKO-/NESTOR-Fonds - EMT 30 15.04.2021.xls