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Investment strategy

The NESTOR Europe fund invests as far as possible in entrepreneur-run European companies that constantly add value for shareholders. Fund manager Dirk Stöwer prefers fast-growing companies with above-average asset backing and a strong competitive position, along with stocks that are benefitting from ongoing globalisation.

These can be blue chips or promising second-liners. For example, luxury goods manufacturers from France and Switzerland and retail chains are included in the portfolio, as their international expansion plans should rapidly open up new markets. However, the fund manager also looks out for companies that are operating particularly successfully in niche areas, as high and sustainable returns can often be earned here even in a recession.

The NESTOR Europe fund is available as unit class -B- and unit class -V-.

Fund manager

Dirk Stöwer has been a Portfolio Manager at NESTOR Europe since June 2005, two years of which were under the umbrella of HWB Capital Management.

The savings bank business administrator has worked in the securities trade and asset management for over 20 years.

Stöwer started his career in banking in 1985. From 1991 onwards he was responsible for wealthy private clients in the stock exchange centre at the Stadtsparkasse in Cuxhaven, and managed the bank's own securities totalling approx. DM 200 million. He went on to take up a position as authorized officer in the private client business at MM Warburg in Luxembourg. In 2007, Stöwer joined Kohlhase & Stöwer Asset Management GmbH in München, which has operated under the name KONTOR STÖWER Asset Management GmbH headquartered in Trier, since June 2014.

Stöwer has received several awards from Sauren Fonds-Research AG for his achievements.

Fund news

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Fund information

 Launch dateISINWKNBloombergCountry of Registration
unit class -B-19.01.1994LU0054735948972878NESEURO LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria
unit class -V-01.07.2016LU1433074173A2ALWNNESEURV LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria


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