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Investment strategy

The NESTOR Gold fund invests mainly in gold stocks. This includes everything to do with producing, processing and trading gold and other precious metals, but the focus is on production.

Stock are selected using a bottom-up approach that analyses individual companies and then assesses the opportunities for the sector and the market as a whole.

The fund is broadly diversified and also holds 15-20% of its assets in exploration companies.

The NESTOR Gold fund is available as unit class -B- and unit class -V-.

Fund manager

Erich Beat Meier has been part of Walter Wehrli`s team at Konwave AG since April 2012 and provides advice to clients including NESTOR Gold. The Swiss national looks back on a career spanning 30 years in the international financial markets.

Meier joined UBS in 1985, where he completed a banking apprenticeship and training as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). The Swiss national gained ten years of experience in private banking, in investment research and institutional asset management, and also completed a financial internship in private banking and asset management in London.

In 1998 Meier joined the Zürcher Kantonalbank as Head of the Strategy & Commodities for Shares business unit. In this position, he was jointly responsible, among other things, for setting up the ZKB Ressourcen Vision fund, and was co-founder and Portfolio Manager of the ZKB Precious Metals ETF, ZKB’s greatest success story in the investment fund business.

Marco Schaechtle has been deputy portfolio manager of NESTOR Gold since December 2016. In this function, the 32-year-old works closely with the main manager Erich B. Meier.

Marco Schaechtle holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in banking and finance from the University of St. Gallen. He wrote his master's thesis on the industrial metals market.

In 2014, Schaechtle joined Zuericher Kantonalbank as a university trainee; he had previously completed an internship there. At the bank, he was part of the asset management equity team and jointly responsible for covering the transport sector. In total, Schaechtle has eight years of experience in asset management with a focus on commodities.

Fund news

As of December 30th, 2022, gold bullion closed at US$ 1,824.02/oz., an increase of 9.8% in USD…

NESTOR Gold -B- receives €uro-FundAward 2023 for 1st place in a 3-year comparison and 3rd place in a…

Fund information

 Launch dateISINWKNBloombergCountry of Registration
unit class -B-03.06.2002LU0147784465570771NESGOLB LXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria
unit class -V-01.07.2016LU1433074330A2ALWQNESGOLV lXLuxembourg, Germany, Austria


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