DKO-Renten EUR

Our fund for EUR government bonds

The DKO-Renten EUR is a conservative bond fund. At least 75% of the fund's net assets are invested in fixed and variable-rate government bonds and bonds issued by quasi-government issuers in euros. Since investments are made without geographical restrictions, the fund's investment universe also includes international bonds denominated in euros outside the euro zone. The bond focus is on issuers with investment grade ratings. An admixture of lower credit ratings is possible. The duration of the fund is actively managed and lies in the short to medium term range. A longer-term duration is not ruled out, but is generally not aimed at.

DKO-Renten EUR (ISIN: LU0065085960) is suitable for investors with a medium to long-term time horizon.

Fund information

Launch date End of fiscal year Dividend policy ISIN WKN Bloomberg Country of Registration
1989/12/04 03/31 accumulative LU0065085960 971242 DKOLURE LX Luxembourg, Germany, Austria


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