Wealth management

Our wealth management offering is aimed at private and institutional investors. Our fundamental strategy, based on long years of experience, has a conservative orientation. This means our weightings in equities are generally low, at around 25%.

Our investment approach is top-down. We aim to structure and diversify portfolios in such a way as to achieve a return commensurate with the market and meet the long-term objective of steady capital growth.

Individual wealth management

An individual wealth management is based on agreed investment objectives and other information such as investment horizon, risk structure, need for capital, universe of stocks and reporting frequency.

Management is through a bank account/custody account to be opened in the client´s name at one of our partner banks, for which we are authorised to carry out securities transactions. Regular customised reports and daily bank statements keep clients informed of ongoing activity.

The decision to place your wealth in someone else´s hands is a major one that should be given careful consideration. Everyone has their own investment objectives and ideas about how a relationship with a wealth manager should work, so a website can only provide general information and is unable to answer all questions. A relationship of trust should always start with a personal conversation.

Standardised wealth management

The main difference that sets standardised wealth management apart from individual wealth management is that clients cannot give specific instructions about their investment strategy. It is suitable for clients if the standardised products match their investment wishes. Such solutions are also appropriate for small volumes or savings schemes.

For us, standardised does not mean mass-produced; these are solutions created for particular circumstances and to which we devote a great deal of attention.

We have following solution for standardised wealth management:


Our conservative balanced fund, invested in line with our fundamental strategy; performance can be monitored via the price, which is published daily, and in monthly factsheets.

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Trusted Wealth Manager

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