DKO-Aktien Global (DF)

Our equity fund of funds

DKO-Aktien Global (DF) (ISIN LU0138410633) is a fund of funds investing worldwide, primarily in equities and equity funds.

Using a core/satellite approach, the fund aims to achieve a broadly diversified investment mix to cover international markets or special themes, such as emerging markets and commodities. Core investments include those which cover the European and North American markets. These tend to be passively managed and target investments in large and mid-caps. Satellite investments include emerging markets, thematic and commodity investments and are more actively spread among mid and small-caps.

Derivatives may also be used to control exposure or hedge investments. There is no geographic limitation for currencies.

The weighting of equity and equity-type investments is between 51% and 100% and varies according to the market situation and outlook. Investments can also be made in bond funds, money market or money market-type funds, balanced funds and interest-bearing securities or liquidity.

Fund information

Launch date End of fiscal year Dividend policy ISIN WKN Bloomberg Country of Registration
2002/01/30 03/31 accumulative LU0138410633 764384 DKOLUAE LX Luxembourg, Germany, Austria


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