Overview NESTOR funds

NESTOR offers a wide range of fund products, especially in the equity sector. Here, special segments are covered that are not necessarily the focus of the large fund companies. In the past, the successful funds have repeatedly been found in the top positions of their respective categories in performance comparisons.

Up to two accumulating unit classes are available for the individual NESTOR funds with a financial year end of 30 June. Unit class -B- is aimed at private investors and financial intermediaries. Unit class -V- is intended for independent advisors, asset managers, funds of funds and other professional investors. The conditions of the individual unit classes can be found in our overview of terms.

Have we raised your interest in our funds? You can purchase NESTOR funds from many banks, savings banks or fund platforms. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

News about NESTOR funds

Current press releases, fund news and press coverage on the NESTOR funds

On 29 September 2023, the gold price closed at USD 1,848.63/ounce, down 3.7% QoQ.

With a decline of 5.33% (V share class), the NESTOR Europa fund posted a disappointing nine months…

The Nestor Fernost decreased during the second quarter by -3.3%, trailing the Asia-Pacific ex-Japan…

In this quarterly report, in addition to the traditional review, we would like to discuss the most…

NESTOR funds - fund prices

The fund prices of the NESTOR funds as of the current last trading day.

NESTOR funds - information

Information material such as monthly reports, key investor information, sales prospectuses as well as half-yearly and annual reports for the NESTOR funds can be downloaded here.

NESTOR`s fund managers

Die NESTOR-Fonds werden grundsätzlich von namhaften externen Finanzprofis beraten, die eine langjährige Expertise in ihrem Bereich nachweisen können und meist über ein eigenes lokales Netzwerk verfügen. Für ihre Leistungen wurden die Portfoliolenker folgender Fonds mehrfach ausgezeichnet: NESTOR Fernost, NESTOR Gold, NESTOR Australien und NESTOR Osteuropa. In den Rankings ihrer jeweiligen Kategorien belegen diese Fonds immer wieder Spitzenpositionen.

Bei NESTOR sind die Fondsmanager unabhängig von der Gesellschaft. Sie haben sich durch hervorragende Leistungen in ihren Segmenten bewiesen. Ihr Anreiz besteht darin, dass ihre Bezahlung im Wesentlichen davon abhängt, ob sie besser sind als der Markt.

NESTOR-funds - awards

A selection of awards for NESTOR funds that we have been pleased to receive in the past:

111 –
NESTOR-Gold - €uro FundAward 2023

1. Platz im 3-Jahresvergleich sowie 3. Platz im 1-Jahresvergleich

NESTOR-Gold - €uro FundAward 2022

3. Platz im 3-Jahresvergleich

NESTOR-Gold - €uro FundAward 2021

3. Platz im 1-Jahresvergleich




NESTOR funds - information for journalists

You are a journalist and have questions? We would be happy to support you with your press work. We have already provided some information in the press section.

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