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In this section you will find an overview of news on all NESTOR-funds. It contains press releases, fund news and press coverage.

Notice to Unitholders for Delay in Liquidation

Nestor Australia had another excellent quarter, with a performance of 15.6%, outperforming the S&P…

The financial markets were absolutely tumultuous in the third quarter of 2020

Nestor Fernost fund is down -10.3% in Q3, against moderately up Asia-Pacific markets

Nestor China fund is down -4.3% in Q3, against +6.8% in the benchmark

As of September 30th 2020, gold bullion closed at US$ 1’885.82/oz., an increase of 5.9%. The FTSE…

Although the African equity market as a whole posted gains in the third quarter of 2020, these were…

Swedish bites taste good to NESTOR Europa

Fund rises strongly while the benchmark index stagnates

Notice to Unitholders in respect of the liquidation of the NESTOR-Africa and NESTOR-China Sub-Funds…

Nestor China is up +5.6% during Q2, lagging recovering China markets